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Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Set

Posted by Durrell Dupard on
Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Set

When you think of tie-dye print, your mind probably flies back in time to the ‘60s and early ‘70s flower power movement, led by the laidback and groovy hippies. This era was known for the free spirit counterculture that fought back against turbulent times in America, both socially and politically. The country was dealing with the shame of a Nixon presidency and the tie-dye print served as a peaceful manifestation against the conservative politics of that time.

Is it more than a coincidence then,  that today in our current social/political environment filled with unrest and strife, tie-dye fashion is making a comeback? The tie-dye print represents the hope shared by Americans for a more peaceful nation, as well as the freedom that all human beings deserve. Twenty1rich recognizes the spirit of individuality that fueled the tie-dye revolution of the ‘60s and offers its own radical interpretation with the Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Set.


The Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Set consists of Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Tee and the Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Shorts. With the Blue Hundreds on the front of the t-shirt and shorts, this tie-dye pair isn’t like any other in the fashion industry. What’s more is that the shorts are French Terry shorts, making them lighter than the regular fleece shorts. This is fantastic because in the upcoming hot summer days, you will stay much cooler in the French Terry pair than in the fleece pair.

If you’re not ready to be as bold as Blue Hundreds possible, you can simply wear the Tie Dye Tee with a pair of blue jeans since the blended and vibrant colors of the Tee will contrast nicely with the blue of your jeans. If you want to step it up a notch, you can match your shoelaces with any of the bright colors on the tie dye t-shirt. But if you’re ready to dive right into Blue Hundreds’ contemporary tie-dye design, then rock the full set. You’ll remain cooler this summer in a unique Blue Hundreds Tie Dye Set, while at the same time highlighting your strong self-expression and quest for individuality.

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