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Shooting Hoops with Keenan 🏀

Posted by Durrell Dupard on
Shooting Hoops with Keenan 🏀

I don’t know what I love more, my Aunt Phyllis’ BBQ or basketball. I play ball every chance I get, whether at the park, the gym, or hoops in the streets. I’ve been balling since middle school and have picked up a few things along the way. Now I volunteer coaching youth basketball. Have you also volunteered? It’s very cool and rewarding.

I get to give back to the community that saw me grow up. I remember back in the day, this kid on the block had a portable basketball hoop and we’d play in the street. You know how it is, juking your boys, breaking ankles, but also dodging cars passing by honking at you 😂


 Oh but you best believe I’m   schooling people while keeping   it Blue Hundred with my new RICH Basketball Shorts now. They come in four colors, Red, Yellow, Black, and Camo. I have them in two colors, Black to keep it professional when I coach youth basketball and Camo when I’m balling with the guys to let them know I’m gonna go hard in the paint.


There’s one drill I like practicing with the kids and that’s chasing down layups. Youth basketball is basically about winning the layup battle, and the best way to train young athletes to win this battle is by putting them under pressure as they’re doing layups. I do this by having the offensive player run   down the court while the defensive   player chases him/her (without committing a foul) all the way until that shot is made. Of course, you also have them repeat the same drill going the opposite way so that they improve their layup game with their weak hand. 

Best way to keep it Blue Hundred though is by supporting your local youth basketball (or any youth sports) leagues. These Basketball shorts are durable and flexible enough to be used in different sports anyway. By the way… Aunt Phyllis, if you’re reading this, your BBQ is the best!

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