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Fantastic Pop-Up in New Orleans

Posted by Durrell Dupard on
Fantastic Pop-Up in New Orleans

How was your Fourth of July? We hope it was as awesome as ours. In New Orleans we have a spectacular fireworks show called “Go 4th on the River”  which takes place on the Mississippi River on a huge steel-decked barge. The grand finale was so awesome and so loud! Bright, beautiful colors accompanied by an incredibly loud noise that bounced off the nearby buildings – I swear we heard car alarms go off. This was a fitting start to July but also a wonderful moment to celebrate the fantastic month-long Pop-Up we had in June at Lot 1701.

Lot 1701 is an open-air cultural market and event space located in the heart of New Orleans on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. This location was perfect as it allowed us to showcase our unique and trendsetting style that embodies freedom and creativity. Our month at Lot 1701 was such a success that we sold out many of our items. We love our fans and the fact that so many came to engage with us, truly made us feel the love.

One of the best moments was when we debuted the 'Blue Hundreds' Coin Pouch at Lot 1701 and it sold out on the first day!

Of course, we know the ladies have a distinct style and so we created the ‘Blue Hundreds’ Clutch Purse:

 Now you can put your blue hundreds in a Blue Hundred!

 It was pretty cool seeing people come to our Pop-Up rocking our ‘RICH’ Black Patch Shorts.

June also marked the launch of our new website and we have received great feedback so far. Thank you for showing us lots of love and maintaining the mission of keeping it Blue Hundred. You guys definitely made sure to bring out early fireworks and we can’t wait to announce our next Pop-Up. See you soon!

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