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Keeping Your Gold Clean with Keenan

Posted by Durrell Dupard on
Keeping Your Gold Clean with Keenan

How’s it going, ladies and gentlemen? I’m happy to be back talking with you all and sharing my thoughts. Yesterday I was hanging out with my friends and a couple of them brought their skateboards along. I have one too so we all were chilling, popping some basic tricks like ollies and kickflips. We also fell and hit the ground pretty hard on a few occasions… hahaha. 😅

I was rocking my awesome Blue Hundred chain and it kept on flying all over the place as I was pulling some stunts. I noticed one of my friends had his gold rings on as well and that’s when I realized that we probably should have taken off our jewelry before skateboarding. Although there’s nothing wrong in looking fly while performing some stunts, it’s a lot safer for you and your gold jewelry if you put them away.

So now I’m wondering how many of us actually know how to properly care and store our gold pieces. If you don’t know how to do so, then I’m glad you’re here because I’m about to teach you.

First thing to keep in mind is to remove your gold watches, bracelets, and rings if you’re going to be playing basketball, football, soccer, or any other intense sport. Gold is a soft-metal and can easily get scratched or dinked if it hits an object with considerable force. For my lady friends, I know how much you love hitting up the pool and spa; same thing applies to you, remove your jewelry because the chlorine in water will be abrasive on the gold and the gold will end up breaking. Even things like makeup and hairspray can damage gold, so it’s better if you get yourself all pretty first and wait until the very end to put on your jewelry. You don’t want chemicals landing on your gold as you’re beautifying yourself.

You might not notice it but your gold pieces get exposed to a lot of stuff like sweat, dust, and the oils on your skin. All of this adds up and cause your pieces to lose that shine. If left untreated, it can even develop into a film that dulls your precious jewelry. I recommend to get into the habit of cleaning your gold jewelry every month with warm water and dish soap. You’re going to want to use dish soap because it’s not abrasive. Mix the warm water and dish soap in a bowl and leave your gold pieces in there for a couple of hours.

After your jewelry has soaked for that long, gently scrub them with a very soft brush if you need to remove any residue stuck in ridges, such as in watches or bracelets. When you’re done cleaning your gold jewelry, it is important that you spot dry them with a soft cloth. DON’T use paper towels because they will scratch your jewelry! Remember, gold is a soft-metal.

Finally, storing your gold pieces is just as important as cleaning and drying them. It’s preferable if you keep your gold in a jewelry box. Store the pieces separately so they won’t bang up against each other and end up scratched. Wrap them up in soft cloth if the jewelry box doesn’t have individual compartments and if you don’t have ring boxes for your rings. Hang your necklaces separately so the chain and the pendant won’t scratch against each other and so the chain won’t get tangled. Hope all of this helped! As always, keep it Blue Hundred.

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