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Cookin' With Keenan

Posted by Durrell Dupard on
Cookin' With Keenan

Hello my name is Keenan. Have you ever cooked in a Blue Hundreds Apron

though? Because nothing else says you’re about to bring heat to the kitchen or the

cookout like Twenty1Rich’s fresh Blue Hundreds apron.


Let me just tell you, when I showed up Aunt Phyllis’ house last month, I

told her I was going to help her in the kitchen. She looked at me crazy. But when

she saw me pull out that Blue Hundreds apron, she knew I was serious when I went

to adjust the strap. Something about this apron means business, I was going to blue

hundred the hell out of that gumbo. I sharpened my knife and began chopping up

the onions, bell peppers and celery - The Holy Trinity.

Image result for shrimp gumbo

Don’t forget to add the garlic after you’ve stirred the trinity or else Aunt

Phyllis is gonna smack you across the head… I brought the chicken broth to a boil,

lowered the heat and let it simmer – All while rockin this apron. My cousin Tiana

passed the spiked sweet tea, we drank, stirring the gumbo occasionally for an hour.

Towards the end, I added the shrimp and waited for that perfect pink. Stir in some

green onions for good measure.


You can’t go wrong with rice & a ragin’ cajun feast. Now I won’t

cook without that apron. Not only did the food taste good, but I looked good while

cooking it. You know how we do, cooking in style and keeping the gumbo fresh.

Cop that Blue Hundreds Apron

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